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SCRAPS - We love crafting!


I joined forces with mom and dad and our team is working every day on creating the most gorgeous ceramic inserts that will get you going, whether you try a mosaic project, stick them on a canvas, decorating a pot, embellishing your scrapbook, moasic a masterpiece – our ceramic inserts will inspire.


If we love it and we use it, then your customers will love it too. There’s something for every taste.

Since we are crafters ourselves, we understand the needs of crafters out there and aim to deliver.

We have been in the craft business since 2005 and supply inserts since 2010.  If you haven't tried our inserts, then you  are losing out.

We do not sell our inserts direct to the public.  If you are selling arts & crafts supply, please contact us on

Ria 0826718392

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