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Zetti Stencils

The most versatile stencils and masks around

Stenciling is so much fun, and a great way to give your a home an artistic touch. Some of our clients find stenciling super easy, others need a little more time to get familiar with the technique.

At Zetti we explore the market, we speak to shop owners, artists, crafters and the like and we listen.  We experimented with various stencilling material until we found the medium that check all the boxes.


We do not always stencil on a flat surface and a lot of stencils available are rigid plastic.  We need to be able to mould the stencil around a candle or the corner of an mdf wooden box without the edges of the cutout designs standing up. 

The medium should also enable us to offer from detailed designs for small craft projects to big designs for wall stencilling.

We sourced and cut and stencilled and started again, and found that flexible PVC or vinyl in other words works best.  There are a few similar stencils being advertised everywhere, and yes, we bought it, tested and improved on it with a thicker, more durable flexible pvc. 

Our stencils come with a sticky back, and yes, frequent use over paint will cause the stickiness to deteriorate, but repositionable spray adhesive available at craft shops will give it new life. 

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