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form of





What is Zettiologi?

I join every art, craft and art journaling challenge out there.  The one month I was challenged to try something in Zetti-style. Now I do enjoy trying new things, so decided to play along.

I had never heard of this style of art before though, so off I went on a search of all things Zetti. It was very hard to find anything written about the art form but I did get some intriguing glimpses of wings, stripey legs, pointy hats

and a mixture of black, white and brightly coloured images on Teesha Moore's website​   Add a mix of mixed media and off we go.

That was it. I was hooked. I was fascinated and determined to find out

what this art form was all about.  Zetti may or may not be art, but it sure

is messy fun.

So what makes Zetti Zetti?

  • Background 

  • Words

  • Faces and stuff

  • No rules

  • Lots of fun

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